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Professional Standards Division

The Professional Standards Division of the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for numerous individual tasks that make up the nucleus of a modern office of professional standards. The employees of this division strive each day to provide the best quality support to members of our operational divisions within the Sheriff’s Office, ensuring that they have the tools necessary to accomplish their mission while maintaining the highest standards of the law enforcement profession. Members of the Division are responsible for:

Career Development 

Deputies and civilians assigned to Career Development are responsible for all internal human resource functions inherent to a modern law enforcement agency. These include, but are not limited to: new applicant hiring and orientation, transfer and specialization processes, promotional process, pay and personnel issues, personnel files, employee evaluations and policy and procedure creation and review. Employees in Career Development ensure that the agency as a whole operates within the confines of federal and state law in regard to personnel decisions, and helps to guarantee that the highest standards possible are adhered to in how we interact with our employees and our community. 

Recruitment and Hiring Information

Internal Affairs Investigations 

Henderson County Sheriff’s Deputies are sworn to protect the rights of all persons regardless of race, age, sex, nationality, religion, or political preference. The public’s perception as to the integrity and trustworthiness of our officers is imperative to the successful completion of our mission to safeguard lives and property and enforce the law. As such, we have adopted internal safeguards, through written policy and procedures, which guide a Deputy’s actions in relation to their work. Allegations of violation of those guidelines and the abuse of authority are vigorously investigated by members of the internal affairs unit. 

File a Compliment/Complaint

Professional Development/Training 

Inherent to the development of any progressive agency is a focus on the professional development of officers as they transit their careers. Within Professional Development and Training, Deputies are tasked with determining the essential training and experience needed across a spectrum of assignments and rank structures and tailoring training and experience opportunities to assist officers in obtaining their career goals, while at the same time ensuring that only the most qualified and professional officers are available to serve the citizens of Henderson County. These deputies are also responsible for providing state mandated and elective training to personnel and with complying with state training record requirements.    


The Professional Standards Division is responsible for the safety and security of all evidence submitted to and held by the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office. Our Evidence Technician takes in, catalogs and stores thousands of items of evidence each year in anticipation of the court process. These items must be tracked as they pass in and out of the custody of the Division for testing and trial, and eventually must be disposed of in a manner statutorily defined. Because they are dealing with evidentiary items like currency and narcotics, the Division must be prepared for audit on a moment’s notice to ensure the integrity of our operations.

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